Buying Cryptocurrency

Buying and holding cryptocurrencies has proven to be lucrative. If you purchased one Bitcoin in 2008, the cost would've been just ten cents. As the virtual currency's usefulness increased, it's value also increased. That same Bitcoin today has a value of approximately fifty thousand US Dollars and growing. Many people are under the belief that they have to buy an entire crypto coin to see profit. This is false. You can invest any amount in a cryptocurrency. If the value increases by one thousand percent, your investment will increase by that percentage.

Trusted places to buy Crypto
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Shakepay (Canada only)

Use this link to buy $100 CAD of Bitcoin or Ethereum from and you'll receive a one time $30 cash bonus* Debit cards are available

CoinZoom (International)

CoinZoom is a trusted place to buy Crypto. Debit cards are now available. Sign up today and receive a $10 bonus*